Jinjutsu cannot be taught; one can only show the way that leads to it. It cannot be learned; it can only be lived.

Jinjutsu practices are only available for those students who have attended the Manbyō no Reiyaku self-healing training first, and then completed their course in the learning groups of the Usui Dentō Ryū School. If they wish to, and their teacher approves, they can move forward and learn the advanced level practices of Jinjutsu.

The founder of the school is Teacher Dae Chong.

There are two levels in Usui Jinjutsu Do available for practitioners:

  • Okuden (which is not identical with the 2nd level of Western Reiki)
  • Shinpiden (which is not identical with the 3rd level of Western Reiki).

Healers of our school, who are at least at Okuden level:


Usui Dentō Ryū School:


Leading teacher of the Jinjutsu practitioners:

Seijin’s page

Other teachers of the Jinjutsu method:

Dae Chong’s page

Kikyō’s page